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Family home rentals.

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Vacation & Family Home Rentals Club.

As a non profit club and with the support of affiliatte Realtors they give us a better prices., We can offers to our YeiPiVi Parents Club Members, assistance after they build their own home like yourself from all over the world and in finding beautiful vacation accommodations. We specialize in the finest homes located in the Palm Harbor area.

Just a phone call away, and there're confident we can satisfy your vacation or needs.

If it's a long term stay your looking for, or you are interested in a one time stay in a beautiful home or apartment., we can assist you in finding just the right location for your family's needs.

Available apartments with (1)room, and homes with (2)(3)and(4)rooms.

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wownew.gif (6194 bytes)One year contract starting in $650.monthly. wownew.gif (6194 bytes)

They accept section 8.

You'll be glad you did.!!

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Family Home Rentals.



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