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Lucy Ortiz Perez.

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On November 23,1987 at the age of 30 years, disappeared from Julia D Burgos protected battered women in San Juan Puerto Rico Lucy Ortiz., his measures 5'4" and weighed around 130 pounch and his Social Segurity number was #081-54-1122.

Went she disappeared their dear son and daughters Cesar Wilfredo, Marisol and Cristina counted on the age of 12.,7 and 3 year old., and his relatives as a mother always demonstrated to be a devotee and exemplary mother.

At the moment his sons are waiting for the arrival of his mother Lucy. All his families suspect that something serious much have happened.

If you have seen it or knows about., please contact us thus to let to it know to his relatives, or contact the Puerto Rico Police department at (787)-793-1234 they assined quarell #87-282-16075 of missing person.


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